The Rise of Acid Attacks in the UK

Acid attacks have existed worldwide for as long as corrosive substances have been around but only in recent years have they become somewhat common place with a reported 1,800 attacks occuring in London since 2010, with a shocking 70% increase seen between the years 2015 and 2016.

As the number of victims grows, the statistics are now revealing that Britain has the worst record in the developed world for attacks involving household acids such as bleach and drain cleaner. Speaking with the London Metropolitan Police we discover that out of all of these attacks only 25% have lead to charges being brought forward. This low number is thought to be the result of fear for repeat attack.

From gangland arguments to thieves robbing innocent victims, VICE reporter Zing Tsjeng takes it upon herself to discover the truth behind this rise in acid attacks. What she finds is that acid is now becoming the new weapon of choice because it is easy to obtain, doesn’t carry the same weight in terms of jail time and inflicts devastating amounts of damage in the form of not only physical but also psychological trauma.

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  1. Nonsense, LG, there were thousands of acid attacks in Victorian London.

    Many of the current UK ones are Muslim or other minorities….who are the victims of robberies and hate crimes.

    6% of the London ones have been by ‘Asians’ .

    And so on.

  2. Another import from ‘the religion of peace’.
    Sick scum.

  3. And they think American gangs are bad… these guys are NUTS !!!