Rise Of The Houthis

A political crisis in Yemen is treating to tear it apart, Northern rebels called the Houthis have taken the capital and are imposing their revolutionary agenda, this being said they now face fierce opposition to their rule from groups such as Al Qaeda. Their audacious bid for power has ignited sectarian hatred, its part of what many believe to be a proxy war in Yemen, between Iran and Saudi Arabia. In this documentary we see Safa Al-Ahmad from BBC Arabic, having spent months trying to gain unique access to the Houthis managing to do just that and embedding with them for three months in order to better understand where they came from and what they are fighting for.

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  1. For US viewers – this video was shown on PBS Frontline (April 7, 2015).

  2. Excellent and Informative Documentary. Thank you for your tireless efforts in bringing this very important issue to the world.

  3. video is not available to us??

  4. great documentary well done