River of Life

This documentary focuses on the Yukon River Quest, the world’s longest annual canoe and kayak race. Athletes come from around the world to test their endurance, racing day and night along 740 kilometres of rugged river shoreline. The film chronicles the experiences of the all-female 2006 Paddlers Abreast team. By following them from the moment they climb into their boat in Whitehorse to the cheers that greet them in Dawson City, the film tells an exhilarating story of a group of women who have faced death and understand how precious life is.

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  1. This is a great documentary. I really liked watching it, especially the end. I’m really interested in the song at the end. It is beautiful and I would like to get it somewhere, but I don’t know even the title. Can anyone help me get it?

  2. Indomitable. Sublime.

    Recommended viewing, for the living.

    Thank you so much ladies, for the adventure. And special thanks to Shari Ulrich. Fabulous song!