Robot Revolution: Will Machines Surpass Humans

The NHK documentary, “Robot Revolution : Will Machines surpass humans” features Honda ASIMO, Hubo, Big Dog from Boston Dynamics, Baxter from Rethink Robotics, Nextage and other humanoid robots. Since the Fukishima nuclear disaster, development of humanoid robotics and the artificial intelligence used in them has accelerated dramatically.

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  1. What a retarded comment, how many steam powered horses did they make? i see loads of humanoid robots here and they are constantly improving. The human form took millions of years to evolve its a fantastic design, why not model them on our form, this will also make them better at integrating with our society, your mindset is the one that’s defunct..

    • Yes, but evolution doesn’t imply we’re at the optimal solution. There’s certain mechanics that biology just can’t evolve, like basically anything that turns around; wheels, helicopters, .. Our bodies are the way they are because they fit our humanly needs. Sure we can build robots so they can do what we can do, albeit faster, harder, stronger.. But that’s not what we should envision robots to do, there’s so much more to them than these toys.

      Anyway, I don’t think calling other people retards (go look up its definition, there’s no way such a quick analysis can be accurate) will aid towards a productive discussion. This is not youtube.

  2. This video was made by people who do not understand robotics. Before the invention of the automobile, experts believed that the future of transportation belonged to steam-powered mechanical horses. These horses had steam-powered legs. The makers of this video have the same mindset – they believe that future of robotics belongs to robots that look and work like humans.

    • It does belong to humanoid robotics though, Unless you think human kind is somehow going to grow wheels instead of feet!
      Our world is designed around us, 2 arms and 2 legs, Don’t see that changing in our lifetime.
      Everything is made for us to interact with using those, Why would they design something completely different that might have trouble interacting with our world. It’s like the age old mockery from Dr Who, How to defeat Daleks ? Easy just add stairs!