The Rocky Saga

It was the longest of long shots, a low budget boxing movie with a no name star. From a script written in an everyday spiral notebook but against all odds, it became an instant hit that went on to win oscars and made way for one of the biggest movie franchisees of all time. Not just a hero but an icon, Rocky was a symbol of hearth and hope, a no luck down and out who inspired millions around the globe but behind the scenes the making of Rocky and the entire series was a saga as unpredictable and tumultuous as the films themselves.

Sylvester Stallone, It’s hero and creator , one a unknown movie writer / actor the other his fictional alter ego, both of which took a beating along the way. As Rocky became a series both the star and the boxer for over thirty years, would take on tough odds and tougher foes. This is the story of how Rocky came to be.

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