Room 237

Room 237: A subjective documentary that explores the numerous theories about the hidden meanings within Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining (1980). The film may be over 30 years old but it continues to inspire debate, speculation, and mystery. Five very different points of view are illuminated through voice over, film clips, animation and dramatic reenactments. Together they’ll draw the audience into a new maze, one with endless detours and dead ends, many ways in, but no way out. фирма ВиК водопроводчик

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  1. Nothing in this documentary seemed factual. It felt like they were pulling things out of thin air. Making things up without a full explanation. I kept watching in hopes that maybe one person would contribute a reasonable explanation, but after an hour and forty five minutes I just couldn’t watch anymore. I am truly shocked that this was turned into a movie.

  2. This is a bootleg of a film still in distribution. Please remove.

  3. Cox n Crendor brought be here 😛

  4. I just watched the first quarter of this, and it seems like most the interpretations are almost baseless… A type-writer meant that this is about the nazis? A can of powder meant its about the native Americans? Common people.. wtf..

  5. I agree with the Indian Burial ground theory. There was also one other theory of Danny being sexually abused, and both make perfect sense. The decor screamed too loud of native people, and the score when the blood is gushing from the elevator, you hear a faint group of screams.

    You can take history out of text books, and lie to your children, but history cannot be repressed.

  6. This doc is useless. It’s basically a splicing together of 6 videos/soundclips that have been on the internet for almost a decade. They all slightly contradict each other and only seem to explain about 1/8 of what they all WANT to explain. This movie was out-dated before it even came out on video. I mean, it doesn’t even dive into the timecodes in this film. i.e: Jack takes his first sip of whiskey at 66 min 6 sec into the film. Or ‘Adler’ meaning ‘Eagle’ in
    German is shown on the typewriter whilst Jack throws a ball ELEVEN times at a Native American murial with resemblence to some rockets.They use the storage room as a pinnacle point in the film yet they fail to tell that the handle switches sides and Hallorann uses his other arm when the camera cuts to the interior. For those of us truly interested this is just a juvenille compilation of really fascnating ideas. In order to cover everything in The Shining you would need like a 15 hour documentary. There is absolutely nothing in this film that I haven’t browsed upon in the past. Ludacris that this was held in such high regard.

  7. The point of this documentary is not to convince you of any one, correct, intended subtext. It’s a documentary about how The Shining seems to encourage this type of overanalysis more than many other films. Why does The Shining set people on a search for hidden symbolism?

    Partly it’s because we know that Kubrick was obsessive about every last detail in his films and The Shining contains certain glaring inconsistencies that invite interpretation. And although I don’t think any of the respondents in the documentary have the whole thing figured out, they all bring up interesting points (I never noticed that the TV wasn’t plugged in, for example) and encourage you to think about the film in new ways.

    I know a lot of these theories are far fetched and half-baked…but the documentary is not trying to brainwash you…just asking you to wonder at the obsessive, pattern-seeking behavior of human beings. Which you see with the fans, Kubrick and the characters of The Shining. It’s all about people getting lost in the details.

  8. The pyramid exterior with the loop at the top looks like the masonic compass at 23:00 together with the masonic checkered floor coming Into scene.Maybe the giant cleaning the floor has something to do with a strategic ethnic cleansing or maybe I need another coffee

  9. No adds appear If you watch In fullscreen.

  10. Why are you posting videos that leads users to install unnecessary and potentially malicious software? I understand the desire to provide good content (I’ve already seen this in HD) but I think it crosses an ethical line.

  11. I got past all the pop-ups & ads, but I still can’t get the video to play. Based on the other comments I’m guessing the problem is on my end, because it seems to work for the other viewers…

    I’m gonna try it in Firefox, ’cause I’m running Chrome atm. I’ll let you know how it goes

  12. How do I get rid of the pop-up? I’m not computer savy at all!

  13. The moon is in fact NOT 237k miles away from the earth. In fact the moons orbit is slightly elliptical so it is constantly variable. The mean distance to the moon is aprx. 221k miles from earth.

  14. This is about as factual as Ancient Aliens “I think” “It could have been” “I thought”… So, is it a movie full of sexual innuendos? A movie depicting the genocide of America’s Native peoples? Or a reminder of the Nazi concentration camps and extermination of Jews? I’m not even half way through, can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

    • These are fans interpreting a work of art. There is no harm in it and you don’t need to get so worked up about it. They are not trying to rewrite history.

  15. Hahaha nice to see so many propaghanda sheep disagree with my reluctance to be complacent with an annoyance i despise, i love it :). Still it’s sad, that the material sourced was material with a condition and all the admin did was hot link it, surely theres a clean video file version of this available ? actually.. there is.. on youtube! LOL, So chew on your ads boys and girls and be happy with them, youll degrade everyones critical thinking and standards of what should be an educating experience free from the taints of commercialism.

    • ….free from the taints of commercialism. smh, lol. Online Che, please shut the fuck up. No one give a fuck about what bothers you

  16. Thank you for providing this for us..worth every pop-up and more!!

  17. Great! let me be the first comment and say that ad shit ontop of the feature video, what a class act. clean up your site MORONS. i didnt come here to get pestered to download some shitty video player nobody cares for, i came here to get educated by apparently unbiased material!