Rooney: The Man Behind the Goals

Ever since he was 16 years old he has lived his life in the public eye, yet no one outside of his family and close friends really knows him. Sir Bobby Charlton scored the last of his 49 goals for England in 1970 a record that Wayne Rooney has finally broken, the narrator, Gary Lineker came close but got stuck on 48 but now Rooney has become England’s greatest goal scorer, but who is he? who is the Wayne Rooney beyond the tabloid headline and away from the glare of the flood lights?

For the first time Wayne invites a camera crew into his life, giving us an opportunity to see him at home with his wife Coleen with his two young boys. We journey back with him to his Liverpool roots and meet the parents who gave him the foundations on which to build a life of fame and football. This film also includes interviews with those who managed and played with him.

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