Ross Kemp Behind Bars: Inside Barlinnie

Veteran TV personality Ross Kemp, takes a trip to one of Britain’s most notorious prisons HMP Barlinnie in Glasgow. This tough jail has a formidable reputation, to better understand what the prisoners here go through Kemp decides to get admitted like any other inmate.

In this film we see Kemp gain exclusive access to every part of the prison and he sets out to discover what the prisoners really think about Barlinnie, whilst learning about the extreme measures prisoners will take in order to get weapons.

Working with young inmates who are trapped in a cycle of repeat offending Kemp tries to comprehend their mentality and reasoning for slipping up so much. He also meets the offenders who have committed some of the worst of crimes, this includes murders and sex offenders.

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  1. Nice, misunderstood lads who just a bit down on their luck I guess.