Ross Kemp on Gangs: Los Angeles

Ross Kemp pays a visit to the city of angles, which happens to have the seventh richest economy on the planet. It’s famous for it’s thriving film and television industries and it’s home to the stars but besides all this it’s also infamous for being the gang capital of the world. In 2007 there was a gangland killing reported every other day and for generations the Bloods and Crips have fought for control over the streets here but now it would appear there has been a change in the balance of power, the Latino gangs are on the rise and Ross Kemp has gone to LA to meet them.

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  1. Of course they SHOULD show these kinds of doc’s, it may help one kid realize the futility of the lifestyle, the inevitability of life in jail, the cycle they perpetuate for their own children. Young men with a lot of testosterone want to be tough & have “boys” for life……but they need to see where this ends.

  2. they should not produce these types of docs. it serves no real purpose other than to show how stupid those who should and do know better (the media) should act. our government is ran the same way as the gangs, right down to the guns. they serve the same god and will pay a price so very high. the government turns its back on real truth to serve a lesser god. now you know one more reason why this must end. it will be stopped and judgement falls on the heads of everyone. not one is innocent. the media lets the government do whatever it wants and for the same reason, money. the other jobs don’t pay enough, so they turn their eyes away. i am so sorry father, we have let you down. forgive us we know not what we do…

    • What? This kind of doc is to help people understand how the gangs work instead of from the news who would tell bullshit to make the people scared and the ratings rise. These docs are good for the people.

      • i sorta understand that, but the greater good is what i was referring to. in the scales of things the dad is out weighted verses the good it brings…