Ross Kemp on Gangs: Moscow

“Ross uncovers the extent to which the Nazi, or National Socialist, groups are gaining power in Russia: it would seem that at best the police turn a blind eye to racism, at worse actively endorse it. And Ross meets one Member of Parliament who openly promotes Nazi ideology. Ross joins one Neo Nazi group during their training and through a series of tests -which include him being set on fire – he gains their trust. They invite him back to their secret headquarters where he meets some seriously disturbing individuals and uncovers the heart of their violent organisation.”

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  1. people who hate others will never live a happy life

  2. Ross Kemp looks like a skinhead 🙂
    did u notice that?

    • when he was on the train where the kid was murdered i was thinking the immigrants on the train were probably shitting themselves lol

  3. This is a good, I like Ross Kemp.

  4. This is a good, I like Ross Kemp.

  5. that is a fringe gang, it’s nothing like this in moscow