Ross Kemp on Gangs: Poland

In Poland, he follows Neo-Nazi football hooligans who have become one of the most feared gangs in Europe. Young men with few prospects use violence as a means of escape, and Ross experiences first hand just how dangerous it can be when he’s tear-gassed at a football match.

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  1. Anyone has the name of the music at 33:14?

  2. Interestingly, the scenario of this documentary is to be like ‘dangerous movie’ in Poland and about it, which amazes me a lot as it was described in some points more like there is only crime, loads of racists, people not allowing using camera, beating up each other and so on.

    Crime is everywhere.Some Polish are constantly stressed, because their lives does not go in the right way, so they try to blame rest due to it, which is typical for human behaviour, but it does not mean is appropriate and they can beat somebody up. To be more exact. they try to unload it their frustrations on others. I have seen this many times unfortunately.

    Lots of things have changed so far. Poland has been constantly developing industrially, the quality of life has been increasing. However, if you sometimes meet unintelligent person, then this might be a problem even everywhere.

    Furthermore, there is an untold fact about the Polish mentality, which I still can’t understand it myself. Hypothetically, If we were attacked like during the second World War -for instance Krakow- I can ensure everybody that these two opposite ‘gangs’ would fight like brothers, and their solidarity would let me admire it again. On the other side however, there is a huge gap when we ‘try’ to get on well, because of jealously, hatred, which probably occurred due to many years of hard, sad historical facts, but psychologists might conclude in more detail.

    As far as Cracovia and Wisla are concerned, there is also one big problem more, which wasn’t mentioned at all. Those two ‘gangs’ try to take over the entire territories to control the supply of the drugs. Thus, they try to use it as a cover for their illegal practices.

    And go to Cracow, this is a city with the ‘soul’. Guaranteed:)

  3. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Poland. This is a TV series which depicts gangs world wide. Following the logic of your statement, there’s something seriously wrong with every country in the world. Gang violence has always been connected to things like the black market, laws and last but not least demographics. There are racist factions in every country hating minorities, just like there are gangs in every country which for the most part work for mafias and crooked political figures. The situation with gangs in the states is rather different from that of their counterparts in the EU or other continents and it is fueled by years of racism and Geo-political issues as well as current issues related to economy as well as racism which is still a serious issues in the US.
    There are various great documents on this site which address these issue at great length, you might want to watch them before making rash judgments.

  4. Something is very, very wrong in Poland.

    • Yeah right, maybe it would be better to visit Poland instead to draw a conclusion after one movie? This document is about a small number of people, the rest is quite normal, but there is no need to make movies about normal people, cause it’s boring.

      There must be something wrong with people like that, but you could find them in most countries (e.g. Germany, Serbia, Russia, U.K.?). They are just pitiful, because they need to find an external enemy to feel better…

  5. Shoot them all.

  6. Shoot them all.

  7. we should feel bad for these people. it is clear they seriously lack intelligence. First of all, soccer is a terrible sport lacking honor and respect. Second, why do they even care about the team ? It has zero impact on bettering their lives, and shows how stupid their views are on the world. guaranteed if they put in this amount of effort towards the betterment of their society, they would not be living in such typical “gang affiliated” areas. so to all you polish retards, grow up.

    • First of all Soccer is the best game out there, at least better than footbalbor baseball-BORING!!!!
      Secondly just because some semi-intelligent morons give the sport a bad name doesn’t mean the sport is stupid. Same goes for Poland, if there is 60,000 idiotic soccer hooligans, it doesn’t not determine that the whole 40 million of Polish citizens are stupid or should be looked at as idiots because of a tiny minority of dead brain bandits.
      Your comment clearly puts you somewhere at the level of intelligence and views together with these neo Nazi hooligans that you despise so much. Educate yourself, before posting comments.

    • why is soccer a terrible sport lacking honor and respect? Soccer is a worldwide sport that unites war-torn countries and  brings enemies together more than any other sport. this small class of “hooligans” are barely a quantifiable percentage of the fans. Countless times, especially during World Cup, countries literally at war with each other observe a cease fire and will play their match with honor. I’d hardly say soccer lacks honor and respect. Hooligans lack honor and respect

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  9. are u kidding me? fix the economy and the gangs disappear? maybe in europe, but here in america no matter how good the economy is the gangs will be bad. Some of them may get jobs and not resort to gangs if the economy’s better, but for the most part nothing will change. The more money white people have to spend on drugs the more powerful the drug lords become and the more gangs there are. the only true solution to the gang problem and the drug war is complete legalization of everything.

  10. What a ridiculous situation. Hooligans end up fighting the police more than their “enemy” and disrupting the team they are supposedly there to support. It’s always the same reason in the end – money. Poor people act up because, well, what else can they do? They are angry and lacking in opportunities, so they lash out. Fix the economy and suddenly the gangs disappear.

  11. Racist Polish assholes