Ruby Ridge

A documentary on the Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge.
“Ruby Ridge was the site of a violent confrontation and siege in the U.S. state of Idaho in 1992. It involved Randy Weaver, his family, Weaver’s friend Kevin Harris, federal agents from the United States Marshals Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The incident was cited as a motivation for the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995.”

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  1. Guess those 100 a day swat teams raids against mostly innocent home and business owners are par for the course. The avaricious wolves are guarding the hen house, and the American dream now belongs only to those who play along with being with Bush and against anyone , ( who has something worth taking) who is called a terrorist. mark of the beast will be here soon, then the Christian will get the new world order and new and improved Final solution. The swat teams are chomping at the bit to get at the plunder. All those against gay marriage will be sent to FEMA camp for slave labor or extermination.. These absurd cretins still will celebrate the 4th of July.

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  3. total jerk ur dumb respect has nothing to do with respect he creating a song he cried with her that is being a human

  4. The thing about Ruby Ridge, was that the FBI had 2 elements; a tactical unit, with the goal of ending the standoff with force, and the trained negotiators who have had success in diffusing these types of situations.

    Unfortunately, according to a book I read by the chief negotiator, the tactical and negotiation people didn’t communicate, and they just decided to start shooting.

    Pretty big fuck up on the part of the FBI, but to think that incident represents any sort of overarching conspiracy would be stretching the facts more than a little.

  5. That guitarist-singer(?) should have stayed in Nashville. And those government thugs should have stayed home. A show of force that size was not tactically necessary; it was done to instill fear in the American public. The Ruby Ridge incident and the Waco slaughter should be enough to convince all thinking Americans the direction in which our government is headed.

  6. I have to say this. Didn’t look down too see if anyone else commented. But was anyone else utterly infuriated by that pretentious guitar player guy? What a total jerk. Poor Sarah made it thru nearly the whole filming and then captain chowderhead struts up like anyone cares, unanounced, UNINVITED, talks about himself, (as if Rachel cares where this stranger calling himself a “storyteller” is from? she is polite and smiles tho) then he says “What happened to your family is why i moved to idaho” (again like she asked or cares or… i dunno WANTS TO UNEXPECTEDLY HEAR ABOUT THE SEIGE?!?!?!?!)

    and then after totally abandoning any hint of humility or empathy says “I have a feeling you may appreciate this song”

    REEKING of self satisfaction and apparently missing the OBVIOUS exploitative nature of his “need” to move to the area almost 10 YEARS LATER with his very poorly written Ruby Ridge song that no one wanted to hear in nashville, and it really is worth mentioning again, APPARENTLY NOT EVEN A SHRED OF COMMON COUTH to step back from his self worship and think that maybe the young woman who WATCHED HER MOTHER DIE AND SAT HUDDLED IN A CABIN IN AUGUST HEAT STARING AT THE BODY FOR A WEEK miiiight not want to hear your “song”

    Bad enough that begins with some of the weakest ham fisted hack style guitar playing, but the camera pans around to get both him and Sara in the same shot. She is smiling politely at him and appears to be humoring his intrusion (worth noting she has said publicly many times that it took her over ten years to be able to freely smile or laugh without feeling like she was betraying her mother and brother), her leg is bouncing to his crappy jangle-strumming… then his opening lyric that is a repeating refrain thru the whole song.

    “Bloodstains in the snow” The SECOND the word “blood” leaves his mouth, her leg stops abruptly, the smile drops from her face, along with all expression.

    Now, I dont want to speak for her, but I’ve a little experience with PTSD from my work with abused kids, and adding her obvious and INSTANT reaction with a common sense analysis of the opening lyric:

    “Bloodstains in the snow, bloody ridge, Idaho.

    Red stains in the snow, bloody ridge, Idaho.”

    hmmm I wonder what she was thinking about?…and the lyrics.. uch… first.. SNOW? for someone so totally moved by the tragedy, he has obviously never seen any news coverage, never read a single book about it or watched even that abortion of a made for TV movie…or even checked the date.. august….and… seriously out of the 15 first words…we get: 1 red, 4 bloods, 2 stains, AND TWO DAMM SNOWS!!!!

    the lyrics continue BADLY

    seeming to glorify horiuchi the sniper?:

    “1000 meters is a long long way, they never miss their bullets will never stray”

    … and this point she isn’t even looking at him anymore, she is looking away and clearly clenching her jaw as this FAT WASHED-UP NEVER-WAS NASHVILLE REJECT WHO CANT EVEN SING OR TAKE THE TIME TO COUGH THE PLEGHM OUT OF HIS TRIPLE CHINNED THROAT, and even tho he is in clear view of her reaction, which the cameraman must have seen, since he pans slowly off of sara and back to chowderbreath who, oblivious or ignorant, doesnt miss a beat and croaks on. the verse, (apparently again in reference to the FBI sniper who would later admit UNDER OATH that he saw vicki weaver’s head in his crosshairs before he fired) he finishes with the line :

    “when some buffalo hunter snaps a cap” calling up the image of some rich robber baron type drunkenly shooting at grazing bovine from a moving train… hardly a moving or fitting tribute to the horror of a trained professional assassin on the taxpayer payroll EXECUTING A CITIZEN IN COLD BLOOD.

    His ATROCIOUS AND OFFENSIVE lyrics…I do not care for the taste they leave in my mouth, and they really are bad. For some sick reason they continue to play his ruby ridgesploitation in its apparent entirety, cutting away to shots of Randy and Linda selling the book and signing copies for fans…this is the ONLY time that Foghorn Lamehorn’s “song” gets ANY BETTER, as they lower the music volume so you can hear randy interacting with the people. Unfortunately you can still hear his playing…and as an aside, while im no nashville alum of “a few years” like Lamehorn Blowhard here, I have been playing guitar for about 20 yrs, and play 12 strg acoustic among others, and I could play lame open chord jangles like that ham fisted waste after about a year. But really.. this isnt about his talent.. Im no star either, and frankly if his playing had been indentical, but he had either:

    a) written some lyrics that were reverent and showed respect for the dead, not so clearly just dry humping the tradegy of a family, preying on the horror of them and the whole nation, while elevating the killers (really dude, “their bullets will never stray”?? you think thats fitting? or appropriate?)

    and while leaving out his additions like there being freaking snow anywhere near ruby ridge, waco, or dallas.


    b) Stopped playing when he clearly upset her greatly.

    Then Id give him a TOTAL free pass. I get that people are upset, even now 20 years after…and I know how people need to express that… he was just narcissistic, selfish, uncaring about how SHE MIGHT FEEL and in all ways WAY WAY WAY out of line.

    Particularly since the director mentions that they didn’t even know the guy existed until they showed up and sat down. “we were unaware the resident guitarist had waited years to meet Sara Weaver” so this hollow shell of a huckster admits that he planned this even before he moved there. I find it amazing that anyone could possibly think that a 16 year old girl, after already having to live through what she did, would want to relive it at all even many years later, let alone with no warning, and with delivery and lyrics that sound like a mix between bad horror, and just plain bad.

    he closes (finally) with the line “Too many names for us to know”… now i know im being hard on him so Im giving him a benefit of the doubt that he was referring to the tragedy of how many had died in all that snow, but it come off very selfish and like his every other action in the film, centered on him and his feelings.

    Sara reappears on screen, looking like she is in mild shock, or maybe like me she was really ticked off?

    His last crappy chord is still farting in the wind and he looks right at Sara and says:

    “What happened up there happened to a lot of people, it wasnt just you.(WOW THE NERVE… actually no dude… it didnt happen to you AT ALL! it happened to her and her family, you just like to wear it as some vicarious badge and many times put your own emotions ahead of the victim, while getting as much bloody and snow in there as possible EVEN THO IT WAS AUGUST) “And I can’t tell you what an honor it is for me to meet you and to be able to play my song for you. I have touched a lot of people with this song and I am truly sorry for what happened to your family”

    I didn’t think that poorer taste had ever been exhibited, or less class, until Sara reappears on screen, OPENLY SOBBING INTO BOTH HANDS.

    Then dude gets up and … does he comfort her?nope, he walks away, right past her to his nearby Ford, she can be heard saying “I dont know what to say to people when they do that” to the director, still sniffling, but showing composure, poise and anger control that Im SURE I would not have. Then broheim walks back up, looking like some kind of cut-rate Judge Reinhold plus 40 years and 50 pounds and just BRIMMING with self-importance and inflated ego, he offers her a tape cassette (no case) and with much gravitas proclaims it to be the last copy of the masterwork, “and I want you to have it”

    He then goes on about how painful this is and “if there was anything I could do I would” He then coughs up a half choked-up voice and has the audacity to start to almost cry and break up as he stammers “i wish i could do more, man, but I cant” wherein he hands the tape to her. There is still yet another shot that proves how low he is and how little regard he has for how much he has utterly shat upon her day. Against a voiceover of her saying how she wishes people wouldnt do that to her, Foglame Rienhorrible is shown taking her photo with a camera that he didnt have either time before.. meaning that he left and CAME BACK AGAIN to bother her more, imposing on her to pose for a photo, even tho she has just been crying (thanks to him) and was CLEARLY VERY UPSET….

    so lost in your own greatness that you probably thought it was the sheer emotional power of your opus there that made her cry?

    She confirms that it was indeed his extremely crass, insensitive, poorly composed, ill rhyming and wildly exploitative lyrics, specifically his use of the phrase Bloody Ridge Idaho made her “remember the blood all over the floor then I start thinking about it and…” she stops to regain her composure yet again.

    Im totally reminded of the people who wear the “falling man” shirts in supposed honor of 9-11 victims. Picking at things which contain deep upset for people will surely get their emotions tapped… and if that is your only goal even at risk of potentially causing severe emotional damage to someone while acting like YOURE THE SAD ONE? then congrats

    and SHAME


    I bet if you found a victim of child sex abuse you’d probably just warble “bloody sheets on the bed” and feel all pround of yourself when you made them cry? im from oregon and I seriously want to go to Idaho and track your sorry self down. But I wouldnt be willing, let alone able to speak or act in a civil manner in your presence…

    THankfully Sara wasn’t present when you told Jon Ronson how “Vicki Weaver was slaughtered like a buffalo” and continued to FAIL MISERABLY at sounding profound by again seeming to again raise Lon Horiuchi to a level beyond hired killer to someone who “with one bullet brought vietnam to america” whatever that means… heard of kent state jagoff?

    Funnily, Ronson’s book misquotes the interview that was videotaped in several places, Indicative of his lazy attention to detail also present in the film. An OK piece, however with many small things (a few large ones too) omitted or misstated…interesting that Gerry Spence was left out entirely, not like he was the weaver family’s defense atty and the author of the first book with randy’s account of the seige, or anything…and the very off putting opener to the movie, mentioning conspiracy theory about 20 times, shadowy bankers etc…. all of which have NOTHING TO DO with what happened in Idaho…and in fact the REPEATED mention of these, while it may be what the weavers and others may think, serves to discredit and paint them as odd. Slanted and with a goal going in.. I’ll give ronson the credit that he took in what he came upon fairly honestly…. But Im pretty sure Jon Ronson knew (or dang well should have known) that the orders were changed from “could be fired on” to “should be” but he TOTALLY let that douche off the hook. It saddens me that so many americans are so quick to turn their backs on those different from them. Seems like everyone forgets that here in the US you can believe in things that other people don’t like. Sort of what were told our country is based on. First they came for the Survivalists…

    Movie? not bad… but glib and lazy and foisted on a larger conspiracy theme while leaving many things out.

    But Captain Jangle? Lamehog Reinholn?

    Mr Dallas Pike? Thoughtless beyond words, self centered, and talentless. A hack’s ham fisted hack, dry humping tragedy for personal gain with no regard for decency or a hint of respect. Congrats on your win for biggest douche in the universe.

    • I agree the so-called guitar player should have been kicked in the teeth at the onset of his sorry little song…Sarah held herself well.

    • absolutely spot on about the hideous guitarist. Theres no way he was waiting for years to meet her, he just heard about the film crew and spotted a chance to get his face on TV and his ridiculous song regardless of anyone. I didnt see much of Sara’s reaction because I actually had to leave the room cringing.

      In Ronsons defense about not meeting the right people, I have read and seen interviews with him and he used to go into these documentaries with only a very limited knowledge so that he would be uncovering the story and finding out for himself as it progressed which he later stopped after getting a scare whilst being followed in his bilderberg group documentary. I can only guess that he thought meeting the weavers and the police was enough to uncover the story. I agree that there was too much of a link made to the new world order conspiracy.

  7. no need to wonder, why a film crew from another country would have to do a ruby ridge documentary. the new world order media own american outlets would not dare let themselves be shone in this light. great film on the tyranny of a facist government

  8. Good documentary. A fine example of a federal government gone crazy. Waco is another example. Of course Rany Weaver and his family were “WHITE SEPARATISTS”, or so we were told. I don’t care if he was, ( i didn’t believe it then or now)nobody deserves to be treated like that. I’m glad he and his girls are doing okay and I wish them well.