The Ruins of Raqqa

Back in 2014, Raqqa became the informal capital of the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate. Many hundreds of civilians died in the battle to liberate the city and it now lies in ruins.

Upon entering the city, there is an eerie calm and breathtaking destruction as far as the eye can see. A-once thriving city of 260,000 people reduced to rubble by US led airstrikes, it’s hard to imagine it could ever return to what it once was.

In this film takes us on a tour through the devastation which was left in the wake of ISIS, the first stop is the most notorious location in the city, Naim or Heaven Square. It was once the vibrant heart of Raqqa but as ISIS took control it became a place of death, this is where many beheadings were carried out and the civilians were forced to watch.

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  1. Everything islam touches turns to shit.