RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure

RuneScape’s 15th anniversary has come and gone but the celebrations haven’t ended just yet, the party is still very much raging on into the wee hours of the morning through the release of this feature length documentary which was released by the publishers of the game itself, Jagex.

RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure is the tale of a world created in a kitchen, of a community bonding as they kill chickens or fish for sharks. It is a sneaky peak behind the scenes of an online world which documents the MMORPGs humble beginnings and it’s beautiful transformation into one of the worlds most popular/successful games out there. We witness the highs and lows faced throughout this journey and learn how a video game can still be loved whilst remain relevant after 15 years.

Boasting six Guinness world records and 240 million accounts, RuneScape has quietly become a dominant force in the gaming world and this film does a fantastic job and covering its history.

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