Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon

“Rungs in a Ladder” is the latest short form documentary by production team McFarland and Pecci. A meditation on life, art, and purpose, the film centers on Jacob Bannon, an accomplished visual artist and the front man of the metal/hardcore band Converge, which has been carving its own iconoclastic path through the extreme music landscape for over twenty years. As a result, the band is considered one of the most intense and influential metal/hardcore bands of all time with a massive following of devoted fans.

The documentary follows Jacob’s reflections on the steps that have brought him to his present point, ultimately culminating in a sobering and uplifting statement of purpose and inspiration. The film’s narration style is seamless, allowing the viewer a broader understanding of Jacob Bannon as a person. Director Ian McFarland states, “we want the viewer to feel like they are right there having a very personal conversation with Jacob”.

In the film Bannon reflects on formative events in his life and his continuing commitment to creation rather than destruction. A commitment that, he explains, is fueled as much by anger as a desire to create a legacy that inspires.

Directed by Ian McFarland, “Rungs in the Ladder” is the latest in an ongoing series of documentaries by McFarland and Pecci profiling people who set out to carve a meaningful existence for themselves on the fringes of society. Celebrated filmmakers, the McFarland and Pecci team strives to make incisive, thought-provoking content, and “Rungs in the Ladder” continues in this commitment to explore the act of creation.

The doc can be found on on January 25th.
The brand, McFarland and Pecci is owned by Ian McFarland and Michael
Pecci, respected filmmakers in Boston. Together they co-direct commercials, music videos, corporate videos and short-form documentaries.

Director / Editor: Ian McFarland
Producer: McFarland & Pecci
DP: Heather McGrath
Composer: Dean Baltilonis
Mix: Nathan Bice
Colorist : Tony Fernandez

Shot with Canon 7D and 5D with Zeiss lenses
Camera support supplied by Zacuto

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  1. I have no clue why this film was made. Does the world really need another look into the mind/personality of a lead singer of a band that will be forgotten in 20-30 years time? This film screams “Look at me! I’m important!”

  2. Artists create things and put them into the world; politicians destroy them. From a fiercely extreme metal band, all I ever heard were the chaotic screams coming from him. Now, it was refreshing to know the guy as a regular 35 year old man. Cheers! Support Extreme Music and Independent Artists!

  3. Just more of the 21st century’s list of self indulgent bullshit…..hey dude, stop making short recordings of yourself and just be. Don’t get anymore tattoos, just be. When you figure it out, THEN make a recording of your life so that we MIGHT learn something. Cheers.

  4. horrible film. very lame person

  5. what a sad little guy … smile mister

  6. Even if I knew who he was or had heard of his band, I still wouldn’t have cared.