Inside North Korea

Back in May of 2016, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, a reporter for the BBC was expelled from the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea for allegedly showing disrespect and ‘distorting facts’. In this Panorama special Rupert gains the opportunity to share his side of story and provides us with a detailed account of what actually happened.

We hear of his detention and how officials treated him whilst being held in their custody. Rupert also examines the apparent upturn in the North Korean economy and asks if these signs of improvement seen  in the capital Pyongyang are real and if so are they a true reflection of North Korea as a whole? He also investigates whether the people of North Korea are genuinely loyal to their dear leader Kim Jong Un, or is it all a facade enforced by a deep rooted fear.

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  1. smart move bbc go somewhere much worse and the good ole homeland isn’t so bad, huh? as your country is being killed you send your best reporters elsewhere. again, what good are reporters, we can now stack them in with lawyers as worthless. your country is dying and this is what you show the world. you and nk are more alike than we thought…in my wildest dreams i never thought our people, the people i know would go for it, but i was wrong on levels i find hard to put into words. when i say something, the ones i figured would stand and die, if need be, tell me to be quite, but i refuse. i know what worthless is and i will not ever fear it!!!

    • what.
      I mean I get it, you’re upset with Westminster about *something*, we all are these days
      but our lot in life and that of the DPRK citizens are NOT comparable in the slightest.
      for example:
      you and I can access this website.

      • we are not being told the truth, not even close to what the truth is, and that bothers me greatly. i am sad that man in general ,would sell out to the dollar this early and this easily. that is what troubles me. i have friends in very high places and i know what is coming next. i secretly hoped the people would stand up and demand justice, then i would have had a platform to raise the stakes and take down the elite, but no one ever said a word, so i must watch our world burn. the people let me down. i truly believed the people would have stood by now and i could have took the stage and lead the uprising. it never happened, so their plans will succeed. what is next will be so very ugly it will be hard to watch and you will watch as you should have to. the cost of freedom is high and someone must pay it. i will pay that price, but only for me. the price is death, but i would refuse to live with what y’all are willing to settle for. it should have been their death or at least (their) life in prison, but it will be ours, each person shall decide what matters, this game is over. the forced mark is next, once that “chip” enters your body or causes blood to rush to the surface, your soul is no longer yours. is that clear enough? refuse the mark at any and all cost including death, forever is on the line. i choose life in a place where love rules, and you?
        i have been given a plan, but only in my country, is my plan good. the USA, you can follow my example. pray and ask for help, tell GOD, chip told you to ask for his help. sounds silly i know, but at least try it. the angels can and will help if told to, by GOD. i promise you, you’re words (prayers) are being heard. pray as if your soul depends on it, because it does. depending on your answer, write me back, here, and i will help you…