Russell Brand: End the Drugs War

Comedian and Actor, Russell Brand sets off on a personal journey in order to see for himself how the “war on drugs” in the UK is being carried out. Brand an ex-addict himself gets talking to those still addicted, care workers, politicians and also gets taken along with the police to witness and actual raid. He questions the UK’s approach to fighting drug and explores possible alternatives including the legalisation of drug consumption. Brand also meets up with those who question his views and sets up an interview with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg where he finds time to express his point of view.

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  2. I cannot stand this pompous *** would never watch anything having to do with him…even in his own world he’s not funny.

    • Thank you for letting me know he’s not funny. I didn’t know that. Neither do ten of millions of other people who have made him a multi-millionaire by paying a lot of money to see his shows. You should find them all and tell them all that he’s not funny before they waste any more of their time and money by gong to see him and laughing their socks off for hours.
      You could also explain the mystery of how you can possibly know he’s not funny when you have ‘never watched anything to do with him’.

  3. He perhaps takes an himself a wee tad seriously but then, most comedians do. Especially after they kick drugs. Personally l found it a piece from a guy whose heart is in the right place, not at least.