Russian Revolution in Color

The Russian Revolution changed the world forever, almost overnight an entire society was destroyed and replaced with on of the most radical social experiments ever seen. Poverty, crime, privilege and class division were to be eliminated a new era of socialism promised peace, prosperity and equality for all the peoples of the world. But the social experiment failed, millions were killed and within a generation almost one third of the worlds population was living in the shadow of Communism. This story shows how an idealistic dream was turned into a nightmare, told using achieved footage all of which is in color.

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  1. I was very impressed with the recreated footage of the Red Army assault on Kronstadt. Particularly the way they reversed the footage, giving the impression that the entire Red contingent was left-handed and carrying rifles with the bolt on the wrong side. Maybe that was done to hide the large number of 1930s era Moisin-Nagant carbines being used…