Saddam: America’s Best Enemy

The Devil has been hunted down, captured and exhibited, America overcame Saddam Hussein a tyrant is dethroned, Iraq celebrates and the world is now free from evil. That is the legend but forty years of relations between Saddam Hussein and the United States tell a whole other story.

This is the story of a man and a superpower who used one another, the United States regarded him to be a more reliable and dependant Arab tyrant with whom they could deal with. It is a story of intertwining ambitions, shared cynicism and mutual mistrust, from his first steps towards power to his final fall Saddam Hussein saw nine American presidents come and go.

American sought to be the uncontested guardian of the Middle East, however Saddam saw himself as master of the Arabs, but they had more in common than a mere hunger for power. As far back as this story goes Saddam and the United States were a necessary evil for each other.

This is the story of a tragic misalliance.

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