Sandy Hook

From the Author: Mark Howitt takes an investigative look into the events and controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting which happened on December 14th 2012. This documentary explores several aspects of the event and is an attempt to shed some light and provide logical answers to the many questions that remain as to what happened in Newtown. Using rare news and article clips, testimonies, police audio analysis and a journalistic approach, it is quite clear that we are not being told the truth about what really happened. Was there others involved in the crime? Why have authorities and media provided abundant amounts of misleading information, changing the official narrative on countless occasions? These questions and more are looked at in great detail to try and make sense of things and bring closure to one of the biggest conspiracies in modern times.

Topics discussed include identities of multiple suspects, police audio analysis, witness testimonies, media manipulation of facts, the Lanza family, the gun ban issue, intelligence agencies, project longevity, examples of covert operations, crisis actors, living victims, FEMA drills, advanced knowledge of attack, motive of crime, and several other key aspects to this case.

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  1. This may very well be the most important documentary film ever made. I would love to see it again. How do I go about viewing it as it is labeled “private?”

  2. There was a couple of things that I question about Sandy Hook it was the bizarre behavior of the people involved the medical examiner the guy who had some kids in his house up the street that father laughing before he went on air and the Mother and Father doing the interview all dressed up hair and make up perfect christmas tree lit up in the back ground doing a full interview when 48 hours before their 8 year old daughter was supposedly shot to death with a machine gun. Something was missing , Grief no swollen eyes no tears no cracking of their voices I didn’t see grief in anybody from that town. Take a look at some of the interviews I know people who lost children years ago and you can still see them grieving .

  3. I love conspiracy documentaries….however this one was ridiculous. In poor taste. Your evidence was weak at best!

  4. The person who made this documentary obviously has no idea about how news breaks or how police respond to calls. When huge stories happen like a shooting, journalists are going to report whatever information they get. This will often be full of mistakes. After a shooting, police will also chase any lead or report they get. They would have received many calls that day from people seeing strange things. These are not evidence of a conspiracy.

    • Yes but you really gotta rub your chin about the guy they found in the woods, immediately after the shooting. What happened to him?

  5. soc fu&%ing puppet. Melhud should be the name of your handler’s brain.

  6. why do the aerial views of Sandy Hook’s parking lot show all the vehicles pointing in the same direction? This parking lot is staged and most all the vehicles are silver or black and are obvious government owed!!! no one pulls through like that half of the vehicles should be parked
    front bumpers to front bumpers. Observe any parking lot in this country and no parking looks like the staged parking at Sandy Hook!!!! jim elson

  7. The Lanza boy killed 20 people in 7 min? 98% kill rate? trained marines cannot do that. This might not be the a good video on this shooting, it might be a co intell pro, but I do know this was a black op.

  8. It’s not “Virginia Tech University” genius, it’s just ‘Virginia Tech’, which is short for ‘Virginia Polytechnic Institute’. And my response to your claim that Sandy Hook was a set up or a hoax: Prove it. Period, end of story. You never will, because it wasn’t a hoax or set up. People like you literally do deserve to have your right to free speech stripped from you.

  9. This is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory yet. lol They are just trying to hard to place things together.

  10. If you add the individual numbers in the date (14/12/2012) 1+4+1+2+2+1+2=13… Anyone that knows about symbolism knows that speaks volumes about the “conspiracy”!

  11. Interesting how they call anyone who speaks of conspiracy as “paranoid” yet you’ve got that Vance thug threatening anyone and everyone who dares print anything not approved by HIM! This video possibly accounts for why some say that Sandy Hook school was not even in operation at the time of this shooting, it was probably being used for all kind of covert operations and staged violence.

  12. Amazing documentary, very well put together. Despite all of the horror documented therein, I am not afraid because I love everyone. Everyone. And no person, no government could ever take that away from me.

  13. The government will not risk such a huge conspiracy with such high amount of witnesses.

    When it comes to the news being published before the crime was committed, That’s just nonsense, it’s put out as a different title. It could be a complete different story but it could have a link to the crime beneath it and google will pick it up. That is not credible in my opinion.

    • A rogue element in our government that will assassinate a sitting President or bring down 3 skyscrapers in broad daylight would likely think it could get away with anything, no?

    • What “witnesses” do you speak of? Crisis actors were moved cross country to participate and live in this giant movie set of a town

    • Perhaps “it’s put out as a different title” would work if the argument was that the dates were later than they were supposed to be, but your argument makes no sense.

    • I read your comment before watching, and looked closely at the published items before the date and wonder what you are talking about it. It was all pretty clear, with headlines directly associated with the event to take place in the future. How does that discredit anything?

  14. This doc was very intense, thorough, and raised issues about the shootings being part of a conspiracy by the government and the CIA. This came as a shock to me because the media in Canada had reported on the killings, and especially that one of the victims was a little girl who used to live in Winnipeg. I was under the assumption that this was an open and shut case, and tried not to think about the tragedy because it was so horrific.
    Boy, was I living under a rock or what?
    The evidence and arguements to support the conspiracy seem pretty darned convincing. Every minute of this doc kept me hooked and asking myself questions.
    Where is all the live footage? One would expect to see crazed, screaming parents trying to get into the school, ambulances, along with blood, gore, bodies and maimed survivors,
    The whole thing was just too weirdly surreal.
    If there WERE 7 people involved, why weren’t there more victims? Why didn’t any one else see the supposed lone gunman or the gaggle of gunmen? Why did none of the injured children survive or get rushed to hospital?
    We’ll probably never know what really happened.
    In a country where the government send drones anywhere they want, to eliminate any one they want; isn’t this kind of covert operation possible?

    • Exactly, compare this to the footage of the Columbine shootings, you will see nothing similar because Columbine was a REAL tragedy, Sandy Hook was a STAGED act.

  15. This is a powerful docu and it raises some questions that we have to think critically about. I’m not going to agree with the conclusions, but I think this sort of investigation is timely and important for our time. The whole thing about the simulation is quite incriminating. However I did not follow much of the ‘timeline’ argument. There are some things even with an open mind I found hard to believe.

  16. Who are the two men seen during Jesse Ventura’s interview at the 3:51 mark of this video? They do not appear to be “spectators.” I have my thoughts as to why they are on the CNN Piers Morgan set, does anyone else…?