Saving Egypts Oldest Pyramid

In the sands of the Sahara stands one of our greatest legacies, the oldest stone structure of it’s kind in the world, a hundred years older than it’s famous cousin, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the step pyramid is a cornerstone in the history of civilization. Being the first pyramid ever built, it’s safe to say it’s also one of mankind’s most important structures. Now however after having been ravaged by looters, hit with several earthquakes and gone through the simple erosion of time itself, this ancient skyscraper is falling apart. This film by National Geographic documents the battle by British and Egyptian experts in their attempt to rescue it, putting their lives in danger and their engineering skills to the test.

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  1. Interesting how the secured the stones. The stone cutter from Egypt can really give us tremendous insight into the angles and laying of the stone tp figure out how they were built. will they ever be able to even begin to discover what lies beneath in all those chambers and underground could seriously take another five thousand years. The complexity of these pyramids is breathtaking. Let’s hope the rods holds it in place.