Scam City: Argentina

Every year, hundreds of millions of tourists head off in pursuit of adventure in foreign lands – and each year, millions of them get a little more adventure than they bargained for.

Anyone can be a victim of a crime but it seems to come naturally to tourists.

But while you try to avoid the thieves and con artists, economist and author Conor Woodman actively seeks them out.

Travelling to the world’s great cities with an undercover team and hidden cameras, Conor exposes the ruthless ploys used to steal your hard-earned holiday cash by getting himself scammed, robbed and conned so you won’t.

Be warned, in the eyes of the criminals, every tourist is a victim waiting to happen!

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  1. This is 100% staged ! Totally

  2. He sounds like James May, doesn’t he?

  3. I have been in Buenos Aires THREE times recently. As a backpacker myself, I hang out in parts of the city that are no-nos even by the locals. Never a problem, never a conflict…. I love this city and am looking forward to return.

  4. How does connor get away with this

    There is no way any of these crooks would pose for a camera, first response would be flight. Biggest joke was the alleged counterfeit boss the ‘artist’ posing on camera admitting his crimes.

    How can nat geo getaway with at least explaining that these are enactments of what actually happens.

  5. it must be staged..why on earth would two pickpockets,the ‘,black widow’,and the ‘,artiste’, all agree to be interviewed on camera with their faces showing??the pickpockets and girls faces would then be known worldwide to tourists..and the artiste would be arrested or murdered because of his admissions..but is useful to know whats going on so was well intentioned none the less!

  6. I’m from Buenos Aires, and yes was badly staged , but the scams are absolutly real . So if you are comming be aware of all of them

  7. completey staged, know know nothing about film if you disagree. when then meet the dudes in masks, the money is neatly placed on a table with bullets for show over it. real gangs dont care about interior design

  8. Though it’s obvious it’s staged, it’s good presentation of real life scams and Scam City is definitely recommended to travelers.

  9. Yeah I think most of this was staged.

    • just out of curiosity.. because to be honest i didn’t think it was staged i just figured they edited out a lot of the lengthy parts of the process of getting scammers to talk like paying them or what other members of the crew said to them etc….. what parts of it make you think it was staged?

    • what a complete idiot,…..seriously are you fucking dumb!!!, its a travel show about tourist scams…are you that stupid that you would think this shit is staged….that blows my mind!

      • jaymes moynihan. you are a coward and you hide behind a computer. your violent and foul blither only makes you come across as small minded without the intelligence to come back with rational argument for discussion.

  10. Job well done. That guy halls balls.