School Boys to Soldiers

A short Documentary, following an 18 year old Soldier: Charlie Morris – Cook. As he is home for Christmas with his family before he gets deployed to Afghanistan for the first time.

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  1. Good on Charlie. It’s nice to see there are still people who won’t shirk from a task that inconveniences them. War is by no means pleasant, but I still had a lot of positive experiences from my deployments and enlistment as a whole. The self-discipline I learned is what helps make me successful in the pre-med program I’m completing.

  2. Just like the so called “Green Fields of France” 1914-1918 obviously have not advanced in 100 years. Still sending lambs to the slaughter. Shame on Politicians they don’t have to face the bombs and bullets. Hope that young man stays safe and gets back to his family in one piece

  3. Looking forward to it! Always a great day out!

  4. Join US Army and go fight for Israel in Middle East haaaaaa

  5. New raw meat, ready to be led to slaughter.

    Why? Too dumb to know any better.

  6. Will they ever learn …