Science Fiction, Science Fact

Warp speed, transporters, wormholes and lasers – they are all staples of science fiction books, movies, and TV shows. But the fantastic world of tomorrow is quickly becoming the futuristic world of today. While you may not be “beaming” to your next appointment any time soon, researchers are preparing for the first tests of a present-day “transporter.” And while scientists have long mocked Hollywood’s visions of warp speed and faster-than-light travel as prohibited by Einstein’s laws, a new generation of physicists continues to rewrite the fundamental rules of the universe. Is there a way around the cosmic speed limit? Maybe … as long as you’re prepared to survive a journey through the ultra-high energies of one of the most violent places in the cosmos – the heart of a twisting, swirling vortex that leads either to strange, new worlds… or certain death. Next stop – the future… arriving today, as this documentary explores the worlds of science fiction and science fact.


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