Scotch! The Story of Whisky

In this three part documentary series we see Scottish actor David Hayman set off on a journey to better understand the state in which the Scotch whiskey industry is currently in and how it’s world dominance is becoming threatened.

In the first episode we see Hayman meet up with coopers and coppersmiths whilst also enrolling in a distilling course in Campbeltown. He is schooled in the alchemy of blending the perfect whiskey by  Kirsteen Campbell, Famous Grouse master blender.

Episode 2 brings Hayman to Islay, where he rejoices in the land and the people who make this island The Whisky Island. Hayman goes on to explain how he feels the Scottish terrain and air are key factors and just as important as the science when it comes to the creation of this wonderful drink. On Speyside, Hayman encounters the evolution of whiskey from illicit distilling to a landmass dominated by global brands.

In the final installment of this series we see how many other countries have begun to make their own versions of Scotch whisky and how this posses a major threat to Scotland’s market share. Hayman’s travels to meet some of these rival companies, starting out in Norfolk, where he comes across the thriving English Whisky Company. Paying Japan a visit, we learn of how great the whiskey culture is there. Also on the list of locations is Tasmania and Sweden where we learn of the cutting-edge trends and impassioned appreciation of the amber nectar.



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  1. Scotch-The story of whisky. I decided not to watch this since the text description repeatedly calls it whiskey, which is not whisky from Scotland. Doesn’t fill you with confidence about the documentary.