Scotland’s Secret Shame

Glasgow officials would like to project an image of a city full of energy and life, with ambitious plans for the 21st century but Glasgow and indeed Scotland also have another image that they desperately want to shed, it is one of religious hatred.

This is a film about two communities, one Protestant, the other Catholic and the centuries old rivalries between them, it is also a film about two of the biggest football clubs in the world and the violence associated with them, were waring the wrong colour can have you marked out for attack.

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  1. More religious jerks who think they are different from ISIS

  2. There hasn’t been much violence the last few year’s…wonder why ahahaha

  3. if you are going to give a low rating such as 5.5, I’d like to read in the comments why such rating was given. Otherwise it seems your opinion is quite pointless and the rating should be ignored.

  4. I love those Irish freedom songs! they are quaint!

    YOu scottish guys should respect ireland more!

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