Search For Satan

Have you ever wondered how the concept of Satan got into our heads? Andy Hamilton, award-winning comedy writer and performer, explores different ideas of how Satan came to be and how he has evolved over time. Throughout history, in pretty well all religions, there has been an opposing force that has tried to force the good into temptation, deception or destruction. Satan, who can be referred to different names such as Lucifer or the devil, is well known as the tempter of humankind. Satan is who awaits you in hell if you have not proven yourself worthy of heaven. But has the devil always been seen as evil?

Andy Hamilton goes way back to the old testament and explores how Satan was in fact not always seen as a force purely for bad. Before the fall, made famous by Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, Satan was an angel of God. He was the figure who was sent to “make you think”, which is what Satan means in hebrew. It wasn’t until God created man that Satan defied him. Knowing he was above the humans God had created, Satan refused to bow before Adam. After being cast from heaven, he led a rebellion of angels against God. Satan took the form of a snake in the Garden of Eden, therefore introducing original sin through Eve and denying people a life in paradise. As the centuries have past, Satan has gone from a figure of utmost fear, to a reason to condemn people of witchcraft, to simply a representation of the evil within individuals or the world as Carl Jung introduced. Andy Hamilton unearths the roots of Satan, how he came about and how he has changed over time.

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  1. What a disappointment. Expected a great doc from Andy Hamilton. Instead I see this stupid American drivel. Where’s Andy Hamilton?

    • I don’t believe that this is the Andy Hamilton’s Search for Satan by Andy Hamilton. This is a totally different title. The one by Andy is listed with his name preceding Search for Satan as written above. It has been removed from everywhere, Youtube and every other venue for some unknown reason. That means it hits a nerve with some people with a lot of power and control in this world.

  2. satan is a human invention, and gods are as well. Religion in US In 20 years will be dead, if education will follow European standards.

  3. god save America? Or may be sound reasoning will save America? I would not trust god, sorry.

  4. The problem with monotheism is it does not hold water. The problem of evil must be addressed in some way. So satan was invented. Obviously stupid idea. Almighty can not destroy evil?? Funny Idea. But if the world is what it really is – we have no need for such a stupid explanation. Nature is cruel as bankers are ( sorry – some overstatement) – satan can live in your fucked-up mind only, as all other deities dwell.

  5. But it is silly, any right thinking person who believes the physical existence of the devil needs their head checking. Humans are the only physical embodiment of evil and hidding behind some fictions character to rationalise it is the silliest thing.

  6. Funny guy but a 101 point of view on something that’s very real, look at satanic child ritual abuse, look into the dark secretes of the Vatican and quantum physics to understand the subject ….this film informant level is a clown like and can only be seen as to have entertainment value.

  7. there are many who took his deal, why didn’t you go to one of them? because you serve him with helping it stay silly. so when your ass is on fire! who will look silly then? who are these google them short man…