Search for the Super Battery

We now live in an age where there appears to be no limits in terms of how far we can take technological innovation, but for all of these advancements which have seen our gadgets get faster, smaller and more powerful many of them have one frustrating weakness in common and that is the battery on which they so heavily rely on.

Throughout the last century we have seen much improvement when it comes to batteries but yet they still very much remain finicky, bulky, expensive, toxic and maddeningly short-lived. The quest for a “super battery” is on and the stakes in this hunt are higher than the phone in your pocket.

With climate change looming, we as a people are in search for a greener way of living, in recent years we have seen a big push for electric cars and renewable energy sources but to unlock the true potential of these things we must first perfect the battery.

In this film we see David Pogue explore the hidden world of energy storage, uncovering the power and danger of the lithium-ion batteries we use today and their future in our world.

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