The Search For Troy

For centuries archaeologists have tried to find the legendary city of Troy but without success. Troy is famous for the scene of the Trojan War, the fight for the worlds most beautiful woman, Helen of Troy and the ruse that won her back, the Trojan Horse.

It’s a story that has been told and retold by poets and actors for thousands of years but is it real? Did the city of Troy actually exist? A century ago a pioneer archeologist claimed he had found the site of Troy, but while the public was satisfied the experts were not. They said it was impossible to match the clues in the ground with a story that may only be fantasy.

Now a team of archaeologists has returned to the same site in a dig that spans the past 15 years, they’ve made discoveries which are both dramatic and controversial but at the heart of their work one question persists have they found the lost world of Troy?

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