Searching for Spitman

The tale behind a somewhat notorious character from around the West London area known only as “Spitman” is the thing urban legends are made of, a sort of local boogie man if you will. Spitman is a name you will hear on the blocks, stairwells and alleys of West London, its a story that exists across the road from multimillion pound homes, a story that lurks in the night, a story of the real underbelly.

Spitman it seems is a man that frequents London’s council estates in search of young men who will preform bizarre deviant acts on him for money, these include urinating and spitting on him or rubbing their feet in his face. Spitman has apparently been around for the last 10 years with numerous generations having met up with him in order to make some easy money, but the question remains, is Spitman taking advantage of young boys? or is it the young boys taking advantage of him?

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  1. What a weird video. That entire situation is pretty sad. They are abusing each other.

  2. Vice might be scraping the bottom of the (proverbial) barrel on this one…