Seattle is Dying

KOMO’s Eric Johnson asks the question what if Seattle is dying and the citizens of the United States don’t even know it? This is a story about a seething, simmering anger that is now boiling over into outrage, it is about people who have felt compassion but who know longer feel safe, no longer feel they are heard or even protected.

This is a story about a beautiful jewel that has been violated and a crisis of faith amongst a generation Seattleites who are falling out of love with their home. The impact that drug’s and homelessness have had on this city is great but there is hope as we hear of possible solutions to this social issue.

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  1. People mocked this documentary at the time of it’s release. “No!! Seattle isn’t dying!! It’s thriving.” Four years later and it’s worse than ever. I used to love Seattle. We don’t go there anymore and haven’t for years. This is a long, slow and painful death. It’s heartbreaking and shameful. Thanks for sharing this great news and geometry dash scratch

  2. The dumbsh*ts have put necrosis AIDS rot raping prisoners in inbred reptile prisons for centuries and let them create down’s syndrome in mass amounts with the intellect’s organs. They pumped the poisonous sewage into the cracks of the earth and then they make a documentary wondering if their slums are dying…

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  4. This is possible Tim, but you can’t ignore the similarities of other Democrat run cities that are full of feces,needles and crime. Is this just a mere coincidence, or a look at the future of every city if a Democrat wins the presidency? I say yes.

  5. This was an absolutely terrible documentary – full of discredited and stale canards, aggrieved privilege, and unworkable “solutions.”

    I don’t know how this garbage made it to broadcast TV.