To Mars by A-Bomb: The Secret History of Project Orion

Nuclear propulsion offers speeds of 10% the speed of light and can make our solar system explorable as well as enhancing the unmanned satellite missions and furthering our knowledge. It is now clear to everyone that the USA only engaged in space exploration out of a despicable egocentric power struggle with the Soviet Union that only exists in the minds of the elites on all sides but not to every normal person on the earth.

This video at the very least shows a propulsion system that does not encapsulate the explosion like unreliable chemical rockets. Likely scenario is a scaled down version of Orion, using a two stage system, one to clear the earth using non-radiative explosions and secondly to reach 15,000 km/s = 900,000km/h using nuclear propulsion to achieve the goal of grasping our solar system tightly in our hands and seeing inter-steller planets up close for the first time. Space is already highly radioactive so it OK to use there. Science can also begin to explore time dilation in detail and its effects on humans.

A nations militarily national security would increase even be assured if a confident far-reaching intergalactic capability were grasped. Do not fear the bomb, if can be used to destroy but normal people can all agree to use it to create. Explore Mars, Explore Europa. What is past Pluto? The Orion nuclear pulse rocket design has extremely high performance. Freeman Dyson moved away from the use of fission bombs and considered the use of one megaton deuterium fusion explosions instead. Mining Helium 3 from sea water right here on earth. Atoms are 100% recyclable. Accumulators simple clean cheap way to renewable electricity storage. Nuclear battery. Zeolites. Cultured meat.

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