The Secret Life of Dogs

Dogs, man’s best friend, but how well do we really know our fateful companions? How they see their world, what they really think of us? This films meets up with dogs that appear to have a 6th sense capable of detecting cancer, dogs that have undying loyalty for their owners and in some cases saving them as well as examining the life of a growing puppy, revealing how it develops.

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  1. They have the burning desire to eat fæcal matter and then lick your face!

  2. Dogs are fantastic!! I just wish they had discussed the role of dogs in warning their moms and dads of imminent seizures and the ability of dogs to detect cancers.

  3. This was beautiful. I love dogs and it was wonderful to watch this and go through a whole range of emotions. The cinematography was brilliant, too!

  4. i love dogs and dogs love me