Secret Lives: L. Ron Hubbard

An intriguing, but bizarre, biographical documentary by Channel 4 on the ‘Secret Life’ of L Ron Hubbard – the Sci Fi author and creator of the Scientology cult. This biopic from 1997, with some fantastic archive interviews with the man (and other people from the ‘org’ who knew him) – is an interesting look at the start/development of the weird cult and its even stranger founder: L Ron Hubbard.

There’s some revealing information inside, such as Hubbard’s spiralling manic-depressive emotional state, the use of drugs on himself/family and the resentment he felt towards his son due to Quentin’s homosexuality (eventually causing suicide). Also, the political repercussions to L Ron’s actions as Scientology’s leader – especially legally in Europe, is an important history to the world’s largest (and most farcical) cult.

A controversial public figure, many details of his life are subjects of contention. The Church of Scientology has produced numerous official biographies which present Hubbard’s character and his multi-faceted accomplishments in an exalted light. Biographies of Hubbard by independent journalists and accounts by former scientologists paint a much darker picture of Hubbard and in many cases contradict the material presented by the Church.

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  1. These things are so silly. No Scientologists are interviewed.

    • 🤣 You are supposed to watch it BEFORE reviewing it 🤣

      ……the whole documentary STARTS with interviews from former Scientologists 🙄😆🙈

  2. this player does not always work?

  3. good riddance to him. rot in hell, hubbard, you hack.


  5. Narcissism, convergence of fantasy and fact, depression, paranoia, inappropriate rage, and finally ended life as a recluse. This was the man who once wrote: 

    “The names and connections, at this time, of the bitterly opposing enemy are:  1. Psychiatry and psychology (not medicine).  2. The heads of news media who are also directors of psychiatric front groups.  3. A few key political figures in the fields of “mental health” and education.  4. A decline of monetary stability caused by the current planning of bankers who are also directors of psychiatric front organizations [that] would make us unable to function.”- L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 16 February 1969, “TARGETS, DEFENSE”

    …never has a profession been so decried by someone in such need of it.

  6. The fact that this egocentric self loathing maniac was capable of brainwashing people into continual brainwashing of other weak minded people seeking answers shows just how scientifically illiterate so many people in this world are. If this is truly a church then it wouldn’t charge people to belong. Then you have the people who run it today who rationalize and justify this global scam by suing ex members for coming out and telling the truth. If you are a Scientologist then hopefully you will meet a fate just like L. Ron Hubbards. Sad, pathetic and full of solitude. Do the world a favor and go find a hole to crawl into while the rest of the world evolves.

  7. What a nutter.

    Madness and evil personified.