Secret Map of Britain

Mark Thomas investigates why parts of the UK are fenced off, and in some cases not even shown on any maps.

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  1. With regard to the aircraft crash and dispersal of Uranium. Since most airdropped nuclear weapons are Plutonium based it seems unlikely it was a nuclear weapon burning. However, depleted Uranium is, and was, used as ballast in aircraft including commercial airliners. BTW, depleted Uranium is *less* radioactive that than found normally in soil. OTOH, Uranium is a toxic heavy metal.

  2. Googling ‘Burlington Bunker’ (for example) proved more fruitful -in terms of understanding and actually viewing pictures of it- than watching this idiot trying to ‘expose’ it. It hasn’t been a secret for decades so I really don’t see the big deal. I see it’s now widely claimed by authorities as ‘the former’ although relocating it would -for obvious reasons- be prohibitively expensive. I think it’s probably fair to assume it’s been upgraded 7 modernised, given the new security measures and vehement denials (of everything pertaining) by current staff. Hell, it even has it’s own website now, ROFLMAO! Mention of Margaret Thatchers house also dates the doc as quite old.

  3. boring

  4. Using tax payers money to save their own ass How thoughtful… And what about the tax payers?

  5. I think most people are missing the point of this. The fact is, most of these “secret” places are not secret but published in public maps and road signs…that’s why it’s funny. The other point I got out of it is that if you are active in a democracy such as the couple near the end of the video then you can actually do good in your community. They were able to investigate and cause the arrest of 12 elected officials who were embezzling funds from the public coffers. Good Show! Taking a blind eye to government is never a smart move as we are finding out in the U.S..

  6. Don’t even have to watch this to know it’s likely national security oriented places. Telling the world isn’t very bright.

  7. Nothing new here really, i think Mark should be appreciative of the national security these sites provide so he can live in peace

  8. Good documentary. all governments tend to sweep dirt under the rug or blatantly do it secretively and its not in the majority of the public’s interest. the public has a right to know what they’re paying for with tax money. ofcourse those spending the money don’t want anyone asking questions.

  9. no thank you!

  10. If I had BILLIONS I could have my own underground bunker, headquarters, secure living place or major storage rooms. What I could also have down there is MORE ROOM!
    It isn’t likely my neighbor would have BILLIONS to install him a place, so I get to have his area. In fact, I could get everyone’s area under their homes and businesses until I run into the CIA, DIA, FEMA, DOJ, DEA, NYPD, LAPD, HAWAII FIVE-O, GHOSTBUSTERS, NWO, POPE, TIESTO, DIRT, WORMS, and maybe some ALIENS.
    One thing is for sure, underground living will be all Govt-owned land. There will be only one Govt per continent,
    Anyway… one way to get people to not be inquisitive is to make it uneventful. Make a pointless documentary, add three comments to

  11. I get a different view of this than the other blokes. Underground tunnelling seems to be the de jure thing to do these days. and there just cannot be any way to deny nor downplay it, construction must cost BILLIONS.

    if i have BILLIONS

  12. Cant really see the point of this docu. Why is this guy trying to expose where air bases and pipelines are? Its not a secret but you dont advertise it everywhere, theres your answer Mark. Go make somehing worthwhile

  13. Mark Thomas seems to be some type of rodential investigator, much like the paparatzie that drove Lady Dianna to her demise. It would seem that he must constantly keep chewing away at any form of authority in order to keep his teeth worn down enough to keep them from protruding out of his mouth. It’s too bad that they’ll put anything on television, iregardless of quality, just to pack it with commercials. So, I guess that he is trying to expose, that the government tries to keep some things secret from us…well, that’s no secret.

  14. Is Mark Thomas on crack some wonder…? wtf is with his excessive hand gestures and in some points border line ice addict like behavior