Secret NASA Transmissions

EBE Award Winner! Best Film – International UFO Congress Film Festival. On March 11, 2000, in front of an assembled audience of UFO enthusiasts and the media, evidence was presented that would appear to indicate the existence of, not one, but two types of unknown extraterrestrial lifeforms. Labeled ‘Phenomena One’ and ‘Phenomena Two’ by a man who spent several years recording and logging thousands of hours of NASA space shuttle transmissions, this “historic” footage and the story that lay behind its discovery can now be revealed

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  16. Seen a documentary years ago about the 3rd phenomina, only it was on earth, described as an unknown new species.

  17. Reagen quoted out of context AGAIN on a UFO documentary… the sentence that follows is kinda important to the context of his statement…

  18. I didn’t get past the poorly written introduction. Apparently, we cast an envious eye toward the “heaven’s”, and there’s an “on-going” global effort. Ha.

  19. What’s this at 25:17 over the horizon behind the guy’s head? : O

  20. Very Important:

    See footage @ 56.12 than rewind back @ 34.56 exactly.
    For the half of the second live Being appears on the screen.
    Please check and post comment. I need confirmation or my eyes are playing.
    Kind regards Everyone 🙂 Jo

    • Yes, black Orb for 1/2 second @ 34.56, across the screen ! I have seen it now. Great stuff Cheers

      • Its funny @ 56.12 he talks about it .. but it shows earlier @ 34.56 :O

      • Confirmed — Black Orb @ 34.56, across the screen from the Right hand side to the Left, over the face in the middle of the interview. Slow motion would help, but this is not a bird shadow or insect flying or similar. It is not 1/2 of the second but far less, 2 frames I guess. I had to go 5 or 6 times before I was able to pause the picture on IT. Amazing stuff mate. Thanks

        • Jo Baker said “live being” and Orbison confirmed that this is Black Orb. I have seen it as well as black orb, so it is confirmed now. It comes just across the mouth of the person talking so fast and hard to catch, but well worth it 🙂 You have good eyes Jo.. respect

    • Yes, black Orb for 1/2 second @ 34.56, across the screen ! I have seen it now. Great stuff Cheers

    • I think it’s your eyes. I don’t see anything.

  21. This is GrATE! very good info about this subject. If you are interessted in little green men in glying saucers go and searc on youtube or something!!This is serious, and very interesting!

    thank you<3

  22. by far the worst out of all the docus here about ufo