Secret Pakistan: Double Cross

This 2 part documentary by the BBC examines the claims that Pakistan deceived the United States for a decade, since 9/11 in the fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

As told by senior intelligent officials, diplomats and Taliban members, ‘Secret Pakistan’ investigates how and why Pakistan and the ISI (Pakistan’s Intelligent Services) supported the Taliban even though publicly, Pakistan was considered one of America’s most important allies.

Part 1 of the documentary titled ‘Double Cross’ starts with the events right after 9/11 and the first US bombings of Afghanistan. Several incidents such as Pakistani military planes airlifting Taliban leaders out of Afghanistan and a Pakistani orchestrated ceasefire, shed light on Pakistan’s involvement with the Taliban in terms of supplying weapons, training and providing hiding locations.

In the second part titled ‘Backlash’ the filmmakers tackle the turning point, which led the U.S. administration to change its policies towards Pakistan. Under president Obama, the U.S. employs drones to bomb targets in Pakistan and the CIA starts a secret war, which eventually leads to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011.

With the main focus being the events which unfolded over the last decade ‘Secret Pakistan’ also touches on the effects this war has had on other countries such as the 2005 bombing in London and the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

The claims made in ‘Secret Pakistan’ have been denied by Pakistan’s military and ISI figures and due to the nature of its content, it has led to banning of BBC World News in Pakistan.

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  1. It wasn’t the Pakistani government that were deceiving the US. In actual fact, it’s the US that deceives us all with their jumped up, fear-inducing yet empty threats of terrorism. The US NEEDS the war, as the puppetmasters need them to fund the military industrial complex. And it’s those at the top of the MIC pile that really pull the strings.