Secret State of North Korea

Having assumed leadership in 2012, the now 33 year old North Korean, Kim Jong-Un is still the worlds youngest dictator and he is ruling one of the most out of touch countries in the world just like his father did before him, with an iron fist.

In this FRONTLINE special which was originally released in 2014 we gain unique access to information which reveals that cracks are beginning to show in the regimes ability to keep it’s populous silent with regards to the way in which they are forced to live day to day in such a place.

It is now common place for North Koreans to illegally smuggle information out from the country and a growing number of defectors are putting themselves at risk in order to spread the truth.


Secret State of North Korea manages to acquire quite a bit of undercover footage which was filmed from within the country and it is quite revealing, shining a light on the poor conditions encountered. Through a number of interviews with civilians and top brass the film begins to chip away at the regime’s global influence.


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