The Secret World of Gold

Billions of years ago the Earth passed through an exploding star and was showered in molten gold. The Inca’s called gold the sweat of the Sun and told their stories with it. The Egyptians saw it as the breath of God and buried their Pharaohs in it. In India the golden temple of Amritsar is secrete destination a reminder of how most of the great religions celebrate the precious metal gold. In all of the world no other word still evokes such wealth and power.

The Romans called gold the mussels of war, with gold a triumphant Napoleon gilded Paris, to finance The Third Reich Hitler was determined to capture the gold of Europe. Even today gold shines in the world of high finance but from China in the East to America in the West the question that echoes around the world is simple but troubling, where is all the gold, and who really owns it?

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  1. video does not work for me

  2. Hey, can we keep your gold safe for you?

    Sure, that’s really great! Wait a minute – give me an IOU – you think I’m stupid?

    No problem – here is your piece of paper stating I have so much gold.

    Thank you!