Secrets of Body Language

Delve into the science of non-verbal signals as this very visual and highly entertaining exposé reveals the hidden language in which 93% of human communication takes place.

From President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and 2008 presidential hopefuls Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, see how both politicians and celebrities use the subtle movements of body language to persuade masses, establish power, and advance careers.

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  1. Interesting video. I think that among people is an imported non-verbal communication that does not come to consciousness.

  2. Says “This Video is Private” .

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  4. nope…is privete for me too 🙁

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    It’s quite easy to search YouTube for another video.

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  12. This is very biased; they pretty much disregard everything else that factors into the relation between confidence and success except for facial expressions. default9946 {“method”:”validate”,”params”:[],”id”:1,”jsonrpc”:”2.0″}

  13. i saw this on sky tv.  don’t waste your time, it’s total garbage.

  14. It looks like an ad for a Louis Theroux weird weekend, the same orange background and the shadowy figure?? Even the lettering looks familiar..

  15. Funny that with the first car salesman she didn’t wear sunglasses, but with the second one she did, even though the Docu had already established that wearing sunglasses sends some cues. It’s definitely harder to gauge someone wearing sunglasses. Not surprisingly there was a difference.

  16. i don’t belive that 93% in  [email protected]

  17. This is an OLD documentary and is very basic  how ever as a new comer to B.A this can be a great start to learning