Secrets of the Samurai Sword

The Samurai were considered to be the hero’s of ancient Japan and still to this day their legend continues to live on and the Samurai sword is one of the greatest fighting weapons of all time. A perfectly engineered piece of hardware for close combat, renowned for it’s deadly cutting edge.

With the use of modern science we can now reveal just how technically excellent the ancient craft of manufacturing these weapons was. An object of true beauty, both aesthetically and from a scientific point of view but can we truly understand just how these swords were made?

In this film we see how the great sword smiths of Japan were able to transform crude metal into something as eloquent and strong as the Samurai sword.

It was said that these swords contained the souls of their Samurai, can modern science now reveal their true secrets?

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  1. What the hell has the history of samurai swords to do with 9/11? Keep your conspiracy theories to yourself. I’ll stick to killing Muslims

  2. The White House said that it was office fires that was the cause of the destruction of the North Tower, The South Tower, and Tower Seven of The World Trade Center on September 11, 2001; also, it is recorded that the fires were so hot that it melted steel eye beams like a volcano would do, and it melted concrete, and vaporized the granite under the buildings, and these fires continued over three months; when things were finally cleared you could see the melted granite that had cooled and it looked like a riverbed. If you use the search engine GOOGLE and type in “911 melted granite” you can see the pictures. It makes me wonder why the sword makers do not use office fires to make the necessary heat for the metal to be its desired end product; unless, The White House is a liar about September 11, 2001 and typical office fires cannot get that hot; therefore, the sword makers just cannot start an office fire and come back three months later and the metal now can be the desired end product; thus, the sword makers have to continue to use bellows and stay with the fires for three days to keep the fires extremely hot in order to produce the desired metal end product, therefore, common knowledge would know that office fires will not work, and The White House is simply just another liar because common knowledge knows that office fires cannot get that hot as that of being witnessed of September 11, 2001; therefore again, reinforcing that The White House is just simply another liar and that there is something else going on in the September 11, 2001 events; otherwise, sword makers would just simply start an office fire, and leave, and return several days if not months later, and have the desired metal end product; thus, the labor would be greatly reduced, and it would be a very simple and much cheaper process; again, reinforcing that The White House is just simply another liar. EYE 5

    • Samurai swords brought the towers down.

      • They helped for sure but I think it might also have had something to do with two huge aircraft crashing into them and exploding in massive fireballs and setting fire to the buildings. The evidence for the aircraft is very sketchy it’s true but I don’t think it can be easily dismissed as just another crazy conspiracy theory as several witnesses independently claimed to have actually SEEN aircraft hitting the trade towers about an hour before the buildings finally collapsed.
        It has been suggested that these aircraft were piloted by the same giant invisible alien lizard people who have caused the temperature of the Earth to rise by over a degree centigrade in just a single century. If they can do that then there is no reason why they couldn’t control aircraft with their minds.
        It’s a mystery that will probably never be solved though.

        • Just trying to create a link between the subject of this thread (samurai swords) and the OP’s message (9/11). It’s a bit tenuous to say the least, eh?