Secrets of the Stone Age

The human race has been building huge stone structures for ages but what are the origins of these structures? What were these circular constructions used for?

Many of these structures were sealed up thousands of years ago by the people who had built them, but in some cases it was the wind and waves that wore down their protective covering over time. These structures are known as megaliths but you could call them gigantic works of art. They were built long before the pyramids, both technical and logistical masterpieces that truly pushed the limits of human imagination.

In this two part documentary series we witness the difficulties Stone Age humans had to contend with. Until around 10,000 BC, humans lived as hunters and gatherers, then an irreversible change began when settlements started to form. It was then we started to the monuments of the Stone Age being constructed. Secrets of the Stone Age does a deep dive on these magnificent constructions to help reveal some of the meaning behind them.

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