Secrets Of The Mind

They’re not common, but there are people in this world who have profoundly different experiences of reality than you and I have. People who are technically blind but who can see anyway, who can feel pain in amputated limbs, who believe they are God and that they have created heaven and hell, and even people who think their own parents are imposters.

These people may be called crazy, but they’re not. Their ways of thinking are limited and distorted because some parts of their brains have suffered physical damage. Today neuroscientists like Ramachandran investigate their brains and their unique make up to discover the Secrets Of The Mind.

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  1. Continuing pain in amputated limbs is a common phenomenon; it’s known by the name ‘phantom limb.’

  2. the secrets of the mind appear to be so secret that my mind cannot ingest any of its wonderous information due to a fecked up doc link…….

  3. very thought provoking

  4.  That was amazing.

  5. Fascinating insights by the Doctor.  He is a gifted thinker.

  6. Dear Catalina,  you are to stupid to know you are stupid..  please don’t post anymore.. lol

    • You’re an idiot. She may not have the articulation you prefer, but this only proves that her grasp of Cartesian doubt must be original. This post by you, on the other hand, provides no information that could possibly serve anybody. Your comment is therefore decidedly uncreative, and not even remotely pleasant, I might add.

      Good day sir.

  7. i dont get it because no one knows the secrets of the mind you think you do but you realy dont explain that how do you know your realy right and how am i right see thats hard!

  8. Dr Ramachandran is like an Indian (i think?) Oliver Sacks! 😀