Secrets of the Mona Lisa

Bewitching, seductive and world famous, in the minds of millions she is the ultimate work of art being endlessly photographed and admired yet behind the enigmatic smile she remains a mystery. Who was she and why was she painted, what was it that has made her the worlds most famous painting?

After 500 years in the spotlight the Mona Lisa is finally giving up her secrets, centuries of old documents are at last revealing long forgotten truths and state of the art technology is taking us beneath the painted surface to decode astonishing new evidence.

This investigation is the first full forensic examination of the Mona Lisa and takes presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon around the world in a hunt for the truth behind Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece. With exclusive access and some extraordinary encounters this film reveals some incredible revelations which changes everything we thought we knew about histories most enigmatic work of art.

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  1. tried to watch several art documentaries but they are no longer available

  2. Tried to watch video, said ‘YouTube account has been terminated’ but you can find it on YouTube here: (copy and paste in browser)