Secrets of war Vietnam Special Operations

The Navy Seals and the Green Berets played critical roles during the lengthy Vietnam War. However, these Special Forces were not always allowed to fully coordinate their activities with the regular air, ground, and navy forces. As America’s Central Intelligence Agency’s interactions with the Special Forces are closely examined during this program, it becomes apparent that the agency failed to handle a number of operations effectively. Fortunately, the belated success of the “Phoenix” program proved that the CIA could design critical missions in Southeast Asia. Narrated by actor Charlton Heston, this program features footage of the Special Forces in action, and interviews with such noted individuals as Paul Beaver, Bui Tin, Dale Andrade, Phan Van Nhanh, Robert Marasco, and Nguyen Ngoc Hung.

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  1. What, to my opinion, is the most abhorrent remark in this warmongering “documentation” is the repetition of “rules of engagement imposed by their political leaders” which translates to: “If we would have had been allowed to obliterate a houndred, a thousand  My Lays we would have won the war”

  2. This is PURE corporate media propaganda. To say that “Ho Chi Minh was trying to establish
    VietNam, Cambodia, and Laos as Communist nations” is ABSURD to say the least. I have been to VietNam 7 times in the last 10 years and I can say that these people are just like you and me, they want to govern themselves… from foreign puppets and money. DO NOT judge them without looking at world history and especially at what The USA had done worldwide since its power stance after WW2….from the 1950’s till now. Look at Central and South America for clues.
    And now you can look towards the Middle East for evidence of world domination…………oil.
    WAKE UP!!!

  3. did america win this war? 😉

    • Did we win this war??? NO dude we did NOT win all tho we killed way more of them & way way more we still lost the war sad but true. Thous fucker have Ben citing for over a 1000yers and no one has kicked there ass

      • I dunno, man. They be putting in a new holiday inn as I write. Pretty son the rascals will be voting. That last is about as anti-communist a move as can be had.

    • “did america win this war?”

      No, and to use an American phrase ‘it got it ass whipped.’ However, it wont accept this, and so keeps pumping out shit like this film.

      It’s disgusting that words such as the following of chosen “Fortunately, the belated success of the “Phoenix” program ..” Fortunately!!! You are describing the deaths of millions of innocent people in a country in which you had no right to be in.

      USA = The true Evil Empire.

      • vietnam war to us is a political defeat rather than military. vietcom was raped in most of the military confrontation. its the native us ppl’s press for piece that forced us out.

        • Bullshit.

          The political climate in the US became very anti their involvement because the US was losing the war, and hence the deaths of conscripted teenagers.

      • Hello Jill, I am curious as to where you are from. I live in the u.s. and am highly disillusioned and disappointed in the way it turned out. I’m seriously considering becoming an expat. But where are you by chance?

        • Your an idiot if you think other countries wil let you have ‘FREEDOM OF SPEACH’., like here in America”

        •  “I’m seriously considering becoming an expat.” Consider any country in the civilised world.

          • Wow. With an attitude like that you had better learn the difference between an expat and immigrant. An expat is one who intends on returning to their home country and it sounds like you need to leave and stay gone. Then maybe you will realize all countries have their B.S., but you may never have the chance to post about it like you can now. Get real.