Secrets Russian Spies Airplanes

Curiosity is a natural feature of a human being. Air balloons, and airplanes after them, strongly increased possibilities for this curiosity to be satisfied.

Very soon a completely mercantile interest came to replace a lighthearted curiosity. And really, a view from height of birds’ flight taken at war was giving full picture of enemy’s positions and sometimes even his intentions.

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  1. that isn’t a computer composite voice, its lawrence olivier you spastics and its produced in canada and the uk, History channel does not broadcast in russia

  2. To the above two comments and I won’t mention any names…It is most unfortunate for you that your mode of awareness is so limited as to not be conciously awake enough or inteligently deep enough to realise that this documentary is an aviation history lesson, produced in the Soviet Union using a computerized voice and translator to convey the devlopment of their aviation reconnaisance and fighter capabilities from WW2 to present day. Although the computerised narration is somewhat monotoned I found it very interesting as to how the USSR has tried to keep up with developing their airforce and their space delivery systems for placing reconaisance sattelites so that they can stay aware of the never-ending development of the increasingly omnipresent American Military who are always looking for and always ready to step into…anybody’s war, anywhere, anytime at any cost!!!…in the name of peace! It costs a lot to maintain a military as massive as they have so they have to justify it by using it every chance they can and so, by their rockets red glare…their bombs bursting in air…they can give proof to the world…that their flag is still there…if the world is still there!…so…just who is the enemy today?

  3. Dude, it’s a computer generated voice. They didn’t pay for a “real” person. Horrible, I agree.

  4. Are you F***ing kidding me. It has the potential to be a great documentary. Who in their right mind would have sat through this and listened to this narrator and thought it was acceptable. Unwatchable because of the narration. I have lost 10mins of my life. If you can watch more than that you are much stronger(or dumber) than I.