Seeking Elvis

American humorist Dave Barry said it best: “Eventually everybody has
to die, except Elvis”. In many ways in both culture and the law, Elvis
Presley never really died. Today, after more than 35 years since Elvis
Presley’s death in 1977, the “King of Rock and Roll” lives on to
profit, both for the owners of “Dead Elvis”, Elvis Presley Enterprises
(EPE), but also for others who seek to live off the many products and
derivatives of this dead entertainment icon. Shot mostly at Elvis’
former Chino Canyon home in Palm Springs, California, “Seeking Elvis”
explores how Elvis, in many ways, is still alive. Elvis lives on today
in both media, culture, commercial exploitation and general social
expression. The fans still seeks Elvis, while others seek to

The Chino Canyon Presley estate in Palm Springs was the only home
Elvis owned at his death other than Graceland. It is currently open
for tours for fans and provides a rare and unusual alternative glimpse
into Elvis Presley’s last seven years of life at his part time home in
California. It exists much to the dismay of Elvis Presley Enterprises
and is not endorsed by EPE.

This documentary would fit under your biography and/or society
categories. I have produced other documentaries that you have listed
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