September Clues

This comprehensive analysis of the 9/11 broadcasts shows how the mainstream media actively participated in the 9/11 false-flag operation aimed at generating public support for illegal wars. This media deception has effectively fooled the World for too long. Please watch with an open mind and make your own conclusions.

Suggested By: Ron

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  1. banned by nobtube, well what a surprise, it is nothing but a fascist wankers site.

  2. It’s totally BS.

  3. This is a amazing piece of work. Be forewarned: at first, it will seem like they are pointing out trivia. You might suspect they are grasping at straws to try to find flaws with the official account. They are not. They make some very good points. You will have to have a certain level of intelligence and patience to see what they are saying. Here are a few observations on it:

    The color of the sky changes from network to network. Was it a nearly clear blue sky, a red sky, or a thick, overcast sky when the second plane struck the second tower? It depends on what network you watch.

    One shot of the second crash in particular, at a certain angle, has had different backgrounds added to it; such that behind one version of this angle, you see buildings; but behind another, only sky.

    When the plane goes behind one building in order to crash into the second building, and you can see a gap in between the buildings, you do not see the plane through this gap before it hits the second building, as you would with a real plane.

    There is a beep in the audio on three or four major networks, of the same pitch and length, exactly 17 seconds before the crash. Very suspicious.

    From at least two angles, when watching in very slow motion, the wings of the plane hitting the second building pass into the building, leaving an undamaged wall behind them briefly, until the explosion develops, instead of the considerable holes for the wings (which is itself impossible) we see in later footage.

    One shot of the second plane has it approaching from a very long distance at what appears to be a completely level flight. Another shot has it descending at a very steep angle before hitting the building. They cannot both be shots of the same plane.

    The infamous “nose out” shot may or may not be an image of a nose of an airplane which could not be intact after having passed through the whole building. The camera goes black just as this happens. It has been claimed that the power went off in the buildings upon the crash, accounting for the black frames. This is false. Cameras or video transmissions which lose power, not suddenly go black, but display significant artifacts while losing power. However, if one projects the speed of the plane as it travels through the building as a constant speed, the “nose out” happens later than if it were just an image being moved at a constant rate. It is very suspicious, but the explanation for it is not entirely clear.

    Do any other of you trolls, or people in denial, care to refute any of these specific points, or do you just want to keep hurling insults at the video makers, the video, or those who believe it? I could go on and on. There are many such points to be made from their work.

    PS: There are more installments in the Sept. Clues Addenda on YT, but I don’t think they are posted here yet.

    PPS: The Sept. Clues guys may themselves be disinfo, since they refuse to talk about Israel’s role in 9/11 or the British subversion of US government; and since they assert that ALL videos of 9/11 crashes or building collapses are fake, which seems extremely unlikely. That being said, the only question about this video is, are the source video clips real? If they are, then most or all of what we were shown on 9/11 on television networks was video fakery, and even the networks conspired against the US and against Muslims. The disconcerting thing about this line of reasoning, then, is that the best source of television footage of the crashes on 9/11 on the ‘Net whatsoever, is Killtown, who is also a “no planer” (although a better term might be “fake video planer” or something).

  4. this has to be the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen in my life? Are you having fun living in your parent’s basement with your five cats wondering if the government is going to take you away? If they do take you away, it is because this “movie” “documentary” “made up drama” is a bunch of crap!

    I only wish I could vote it to -20 as it was pure garbage. I wish I could sue you to get the 1 1/2 of my life that I wasted watching this.



  6. This film is a load of disinformation meant to discredit legitimate questions regarding 9/11.

    This 10 minute clip debunks September Clues to pieces:

    ‘Debunking “September Clues” and “No Plane” Theories ‘

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  8. In the 29 minute of the documentary they compare the sound of the plane to cymbals. Is it possible to get the brand of cymbals that was used?

  9. You guys are full of shit.

  10. This isn’t a documentary it’s a comedy, an awful headache enducing one at that. There’s so much wrong with his “theories” that I’ve no clue where to begin, so I won’t.

  11. I know what you mean………im a special effect designer

  12. You people are sick and deluded, and everyone needs to know that. “stormfront” Is All Racist Bullshit, I know it’s obvious because your slogan is ‘White Pride Worldwide’, but not everyone is going to click on your link, or maybe those that do are very impressionable right after questioning everything they know. What ever you believe don’t listen to these guys!

    Watch this