The Seven Ages of Elvis

When considering all of the greats it is hard to think of anyone in music or pop culture that is quite as iconic as Elvis Presley. We are now forty years on from his death and this film examines the legacy of the King himself whilst using Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man’ framework.

Looking at Presley’s life act by act starting out with his childhood in the Deep South of America, right through his rise to international fame and finishing with his death which occurred in Las Vegas back in 1977.

Using archive material along with interviews from those who knew him best, this film sheds new light on the mans global success and asks why audiences are still drawn to him decades after his death.


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  1. YOUR description is factually inaccurate. Elvis died at Graceland in Memphis, not Las Vegas.
    I found the documentary and inferior product form
    my PBS station.
    The close captioning for “Return to Sender” got the lyrics wrong. The narrative incorrectly stated his movies stopped making money.
    ALL of Elvis’ movies were profitable.
    Maybe the stopped making AS MUCH money, but the all made money.
    And during the “army age” segment no mention is made of his meeting Priscilla.
    Great sin of omission.
    The movie clips appear & sound to be 4th generation AOL modem downloads.
    Just all around shoddy craftsmanship and cheap production. An embarrassment for all involved.

    • Elvis died in graceland (58:10) replay the tape and write excuses to the production team! You ain’t nothing but a hound-dog …. LOLOLOL