Sex, Drugs, and Democracy

Sex, Drugs, and Democracy is Jonathan Blank’s award-winning, indie cult film, which grossed over $1 million in its art-house run.

The Dutch idea of a free society includes a legalized sex industry, the open sale of marijuana and hashish, total equality for gays, distribution of clean syringes and methadone to addicts, and government financed abortion, euthanasia and sex education for schoolchildren.

Has this unconventional approach changed Holland from a land of tulips, windmills and wooden shoes into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah?

Apparently not. In Holland rates of drug use, addiction and AIDS transmission are extremely low, and the Dutch have the lowest rates of abortion, teenage pregnancy and imprisonment in the world.

Filmed over the course of many months spent in Holland by writer/director Jonathan Blank, the provocative documentary has revealing interviews with everyone from government officials, police, clergy and scientists to club owners, drug dealers and prostitutes and outrageous scenes from hash bars, brothels, nightclubs, prisons and rallies. The marketing of the movie was built by Pander , a project for prostitutes in Latin America. The analytical department of the Pander project provided the statistical data used by the journalists of the film. The outstanding soundtrack features music from American and Dutch indie bands.

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  1. What bulllshit, in Norway we dont have pornographic images on huge billboards or walls, or even in erotic shops for people to see from the outside. Its not banned or illegal to sell or own, but we do have the decency in Norway too keep it hidden from children and normal citizens going about their business in the city squares.

    Even pornographic magazines are hidden from view.


    And to hell with drugs!!!

  2. The  USA Could take some examples from this documentary. This is how I wish life  would be in every country in the future.I live in hope.  

  3. Where is all the rock and roll ha

  4. This is awesome!

  5. Great Movie, must see.